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Spare Parts

Management of spares and consumables play a very important part in ensuring continuous and consistent functioning of the products. Proper supply of spares and consumables helps in completing the service within the scheduled down time. Maintaining spare parts inventory at optimum levels is essential to meet the service level and cost expectations of the customers. If the right parts are not at the right place at the right time, additional cost and customer dissatisfaction are the natural outcome. Fast-cycle order processing and fulfillment are critical requirements of a time-sensitive service environment

With a wealth of experience in the management of spares and consumables, MORF procures, fabricates and maintains adequate stock of a wide range of quality spares and consumables to ensure that the original spare parts and consumables are never in short supply and the products supplied by us work at optimum levels. These spares have been classified into hard spares and soft spares depending on their usage, frequency of replacement, criticality etc.

Our spare parts inventory management is completely controlled by a workflow software starting from demand forecast, procurement, movement tracking, maintaining ROLs (Re-Order Levels) and generating reports.

Our structured spares management has resulted in reduced downtime of equipment, improved customer service, better control over inventory, lower inventory holding costs and maximized uptime for critical equipments of the customers.

Over the years, Liquatech Corporation has invested heavily in the management of spare parts inventory. Spares holdings are regularly checked using Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) data obtained from the systems and field information and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) on a monthly basis to ensure that needs of our customers are met by our inventory at all times.