Manufacturers & Distributors of Water Purifier & Spare parts
ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System

“Commitment to Excellence” is the belief adopted by Liquatech Corporation for being a Company of the highest quality in every aspect of its business operations.

Comprised of a mission, a vision and core values, “Commitment to Excellence” is the framework used to guide all our employees to be focused on the one shared goal…. Liquatech Corporation is a 21st century healthcare products company with a vision to make the world a healthy and a happy place. The brainchild of technocrats and experienced professionals, it is focused on delivering superior water purification systems for home and commercial use across India. We aim to establish new benchmarks in water purification technology and offer world-class choices in modern potable water systems to our consumer. Liquatech Corporation has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where we research, develop and refine water purification systems for our consumer. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene to avoid any contamination. Each product is manufactured and assembled in a sterile environment and tested thoroughly at our quality control lab. With a purpose to give good health to one and all, AQUAMOM is the best guardian of your family’s health!

To offer freedom to our consumer from water-related problems and peace of mind for good health through our wide range of healthcare products;

To offer freedom to our consumer from water-related problems
Serving our customers needs in all aspects
Maintaining excellent service
Strengthening relationships with retailers and vendors
Investing in our employees, and Maximizing value for our customers

Our fundamental vision is defined by producing innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, and thus help people live healthier;
Our Vission at Liquatech Corporation is to retain our status as the No. 1 Water Purification Company
Liquatech Corporation will be the most respected and valued company in the global water industry in the eyes of its customers, employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we work
We aspire to our beliefs of “Commitment to Excellence”.
Exceed Customer’s Expectations
Continuous improvement on Idea Cycle and Knowledge Management

We provide equal opportunities for growth to all our employees and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. At LIQUATECH CORPORATION we conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and fairness and develop relationships based on trust. Our core values and philosophy are the foundation for every business decision we make.

We maintain a high degree of accountability and work hard to meet expectations of consumer.

We are passionate about the growth of our enterprise and the achievement of our goals.

Quality assurance covers everything from physical appearance, fitting, finish, performance and life cycle testing. After final assembly, we test the unit for its performance and output and to ensure that it is 100% free of defects.