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Aquamom™ 150 LPH RO plant


PRODUCT Aquamom™ 150 LPH RO Plant
Technical Specifications Aquamom 150 LPH RO + UV + UF + TDS Cont.
Purification Capacity 150 liters/ hour Max.
Duty Cycle 500 liters/ day.
Pre-Boosting ½ (0.5) HP/0.37 KW Pump.
NRV Imported Brass Industrial to Enhance the performance.
Input Flow Control                     Water Recirculation Valve.
Auto Shut off Solenoid Valve ½” to Cut water flow.
Pre-filtration 20”X 4.8” Jumbo Dual Cartridge (2 No’s).
Post Filter Cartridges 20” X 2.6 “Sediment (2 No’s), Activated Carbon (1 No’s).
High Pressure Centrifugal Multistage Or Diaphragm Pump 800GPD X 1No’s.
Auto Flushing Solenoid Valve ½” And Flow Restrictor Valve.
Safety        Well Earthed & Equipped with MCB & Relay Panel.
Tank Level Controller 3 Functional Conductive Type with Stainless Steel Sensors.
RO Membrane (3 X 500 GPD) or (40X21 Commercial).
UF Membrane 11” Para Membranes Incased 0.01 Microns.
TDS Controller Standard ¼” push fit imported.
Antiscalent Direct Membrane Dozer.
Piping C-PVC Schedule 80 & 120.
UV Barrel Industrial Grade Aluminum Construction with Quartz Glass.
UV Lamp Power 11 Watt.
UV Life 8000 Hrs.
Inlet Water Pressure (Min) 0.3 kg/ cm2.
Input Voltage 160 To 280 VAC.
Operating Voltage 230 VAC 50 Hz.
Dimensions L450 W260 H870 (mm).
Net Weight 45 kg approx.
Storage Tank Capacity on Site to be arrange by client.
Standard Warranty 1 year on Service & Labor.


Double Purification by RO & UV with UF & TDS controller for Mineral Balance

Computer Controlled Operation.

In case the UV stops functioning, UV Fail Alarm is audible. The purifier does not Function until the UV lamp is replaced to ensure the delivery of only 100% pure

High Quality RO Membrane & Housing for better durability.

Push – fit components for leak – proof performance

Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off

Heavy Metal construction for better lifespan

Commercial Product
Aquamom 150 LPH Ro Plant